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China to U.S.: "U Mad, Dude?"

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May 28, 2019
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The United States gets like...a literal ton of shit for its usual garbage foreign policy. However, when it comes to being cool to Taiwan, a nation that doesn't do its best impersonation of Black Mirror, we don't think that is a mistake. Amidst anti-invasion drills that have fighters like the one above landing on highways, the United States reaffirms its support, with a visit by John Bolton (who we're not huge fans of, but whatever). That...has China f***in' pissed guy! MAN THOSE DUDES ARE MAD!!Imagine if you will, being such a shitty country *cough*China*cough*, that you get mad when a nation helps another nation, as much as they're able, not get forcefully invaded by an openly hostile nation, you. China is the big mad, and if we gave them a cape, they'd be SUPER MAD! We get tons of shit on our foreign policy because more often than not we've propped up some shit ass dictators after getting rid of a shit ass dictator. No doubt the shit ass dictator we propped up liked our interests a lot more than Russia's or China's so that's why we propped him up...doesn't make it right, just the way it be sometimes. However, again, in this case, we're not propping up a dictator.Taiwan is actually a super cool country. Scoring a 93 out of 100 on Freedom House (100 being most free), whereas China is at a whopping 11/100. For comparison, the United States is at an 86/100.This is one of those times where we're not actively f***ing shit up. This is one of those times where we're supporting a nation that is technically speaking according to Freedom House and whatever angle they have (they rate Commies low, so we're cool with them and given the Patriot Act and the NDAA...we're not surprised we're at an 86). Point is, this is one of the few times we're actually living up to the American Ideal so to speak.We're not propping up some tinpot dictator who will give us all the gold and oil we could ever hope for. Nope, we're helping out a tiny, free country and keeping it out of Communist China's hands. Which PISSES Beijing the absolute F*** off. Which we rather enjoy, because again...what is China gonna do? Nothing...for like maybe 10 years...then they might, but right now...nothing. They just gonna rage.

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