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China to U.S.: Stop Flexing in South China Sea

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November 18, 2019
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Just like the two angry ladies and the cat meme, China seems to be losing its shit. They are big mad at the U.S. for the trade war. They are big mad at the U.S. for supporting Taiwan. They are big mad at Taiwan for merely existing. They are big mad at the Hong Kong protestors for wanting basic freedoms. They are big mad at the U.S. again for sailing ships in the South China Sea. As much as you may disagree with certain policies, the maintenance of...we guess you could call it status quo has unnerved Beijing to the point that their defense minister basically told SecDef Mark Esper that the United States needs to stop flexing its muscle in the South China Sea.What China would rather have, is China flexing its muscle in the South China Sea. Domineering over its regional neighbors. While we've no love lost for Commies fighting Commies (China versus Vietnam), there are other non-Commie countries in the mix that China wants to bully. So in response to Chinese wish that we the United States stop flexing in the South China Sea, SecDef Esper's response was

"The United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows - and we will encourage and protect the rights of other sovereign nations to do the same."

There is nothing more satisfying than someone getting super mad at you for doing what you just normally do, them demanding that you stop it, and then casually saying;


SecDef Esper put quite eloquently what we'd have said quite bluntly, get fukt you filthy Communist shit heels, you're not the boss of the entire world...(the irony of that statement is not lost on us, so we all get a nice little "pot calling the kettle" laugh out of this) and that we're going to continue to do as we please in the region.Also, as a solid reminder to China, remember what happens to the countries that fuck with our boats. You might wanna call Japan and ask them how it went when they fucked with our boats.

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