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China's Troops Struggle with Higher-Tech Weaponry

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 30, 2019
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The grass is always greener on the other side...reports about how China and Russia are catching up to the United States military strength thanks to a heaping shitload of pilfered technology. Many describe both of those countries as either "Near-Peer-Level" or "Peer-Level" adversaries. The first of those descriptions would be appropriate in our minds, they are near our level, much nearer than they've ever been, but still not quite up to par.The largest thing putting distance between us and China, for instance, is that they don't even know how to integrate their top of line brand spanking new main battle tank, the Type 99A. The Type 99A is among the most advanced tanks in the world...but the troops don't even know how to utilize it. They're completely clueless as to how to maximize the abilities of this ultra high tech tank.So while you may think China is catching up...remember, they can't even operate their own tanks properly, and it's something that their state-run propaganda machine admitted to....wait a minute...wait a minute...are they just saying they can't operate it so we think they can't operate it, but they can in fact actually operate it very very very well and now we think we're going to beat wholesale ass even though tanks probably won't be used because they have no navy to bring them to CONUS and their navy is only decent when they have support from their little manufactured islands in the South China Sea? Holy f***ing run on sentence Batman! (We did that on purpose to convey someone explaining something and simultaneously running out of breath).Either way, whenever you think our military is having missteps in training or with new technology, just remember other countries are full of fallible human beings as well and likely suffer the same setbacks. In all our years on this planet, we've yet to see one perfect country that never makes any mistakes. Sometimes we read books on history too, and there aren't any perfect countries in there either.

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