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Chinese Navy Unveils New Destroyers

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 23, 2019
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Ok, we're not going to pretend that the United States loves peace for a minute. We've got a society that's addicted to the "glory" of war even though know a solid 90% of them will only ever see a war in the movie theatre. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad reasons...war is what it is. War. It's gruesome death and dismemberment and large scale killing of the other "team". That ALLLLLLL being said...China just unveiled a bunch of new destroyers and new weapons of war at their naval parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese PLA Navy, then went on to say: "The Chinese people love peace." you don't.Nothing to be ashamed of. We get it. A strong military is a deterrent against those who would take advantage of you. No shame in that game, especially considering what Japan did to you during the first and second Sino-Japanese wars. If a country pulled that shit with us, we'd want to have a strong military too.You can't say you love peace though. can, we just won't believe you. There isn't a country on this planet that loves peace. Despite the fact that it'd be like...really great for everyone that whole "World Peace" idea, shizzle just ain't gonna happen, fo' rizzle.China constantly harasses Taiwan and has stated they'd take it back by force if necessary. The leaders of the PLA Navy have stated that if they sunk an American aircraft carrier, we'd stop doing Freedom of Navigation exercises in the contested waters of the South China Sea and the Strait of Taiwan...not exactly the words of people that "love peace".We're big fans of owning our own shit, and so like we did in the first paragraph, we're not sitting here thinking that the United States is totally innocent. We don't love peace. We love being the biggest swingin' dingaling on the block and waving our junk around for all the world to see.Nothing inherently wrong with that sometimes. We did some good shit once upon a time, killed some Commies, liberated a nation or two...but what you won't see us doing is claiming we love peace...actually you probably will because you know...people in power seem to a lot.Oh well. We tried.

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