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China Develops Radar Capable of Detecting Stealth Jets

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 12, 2019
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Yeah sorta...the best way to explain this new Chinese radar without getting super sciencey (for a couple of reasons, one we're not that smart, two if you came here for a physics lecture...what the hell man) is imagine you're sitting in your house, domicile, apartment, or whatever and you hear a noise outside, something goes bump or whatever. Most likely, until you investigate, you won't know what it is that made the sound or the exact location of it all. You're merely AWARE.That's how this electromagnetic radar that China has developed kinda works. It will tell them "Hey, some shit's going down." China will then be like "What kind of shit?" The radar will then shrug its shoulders and look extremely confused.The radar can tell China that something is there, but not exactly what it is that is there, and it can't really track it or lock on and shoot missiles at it.The other issue with this radar and its extremely long range (it's an over the horizon radar), shit requires a ton of energy...therefore it's big, a big target. We could probably take it out with some GPS guided shit before it was even really effective from over the horizon.Also, it's susceptible to jamming, which is one thing we actually do really well with our fifth generation aircraft. We got all sorts of jammers, it's literally like Jammers Emporium up in those aircraft.So yes, this new Chinese radar can technically detect stealth aircraft the same way your ears can detect something going on that you can't see. You know some shit went down, but where exactly is difficult to pinpoint.Should we be worried? Like mildly, it can't track and lock onto targets, it can only be like "Hey something is going on over here and we're not exactly sure what it is," then other radar sites try to hone in on whatever it was this electromagnetic long wave radar was seeing.Plus, the news of this is coming out of China and we've all heard of this thing called propaganda before right? Back during the Cold War, we thought the Soviets were on par with our technology only to find out after the Berlin Wall fell, the fact was that we were something like, a decade or two ahead of them.Take everything coming from Beijing with a grain of salt.

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