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Chinese Spies Allegedly Operating in Florida

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Active Military
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Veteran News
March 5, 2020
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Obviously, something is up in Florida. Since 2018 there have been four Chinese spies in Florida...well to be safe, let's correct that to "spies" because we don't believe any/all of them have been charged with espionage. Rather most of them have just been charged, found guilty or admitted to taking pictures of a U.S. Naval Base. Of the four, two plead guilty this past Tuesday after they were arrested during their January 4th excursion.We don't know what is on this Floridian base, but we know that it's gotten almost, if not just as much attention as the Los Alamos National Laboratory, you know the place where the Manhattan Project was based? What really strikes us odd is the fact that none of them have been charged with espionage, rather the lesser charge of illegally taking photographs, which carries much lower penalties than the actual espionage charge.These two guys though, it's crazy to think they're only getting that lower charge considering they were stopped at the gate, then proceeded to ignore the direction they were given by base personnel at the gate. Are we avoiding calling it what it is through fear of sparking something bigger with China? If we actually charge several of their citizens with espionage, will there be a possible knee jerk reaction by their government or even, our populace that demand some sort of severe action.Long has actual espionage by Chinese spies gone underpunished and underreported, way back into the '90s when Los Alamos had a significant breach.The punishment for these two men is likely to be about a year in jail and a $100,000 fine. In the grand scheme of things, if you're being financed by your government, a year in jail and $100,000k isn't anything to the second-largest economy in the world. Why aren't we calling this espionage? Why are we again, brushing it under the rug when it's happening so frequently? Why aren't we treating these people like spies?

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