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Cigars and Whiskey: A Perfect Pairing

Veteran News
Veteran News
December 28, 2018
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With cigars and whiskey, he made it to 112 years old. From the greatest generation came one of the greatest men we had the honor of getting to know through the multiple stories and pieces on "America's Oldest Veteran".Richard was born in the small central Texas town of Bastrop, northeast of San Marcos and just to the Southeast of Austin, from there Richard would go on to serve in the United States Army for three years during World War II. The times were much different back then and the man who credits God, cigars, and whiskey for his long life, was not always honored the way he should be, but nevertheless, he didn't let hate invade his heart.He spent his time after the war working for the Texas Department of the Treasury and going to church. Sitting on his front porch, smoking 12 cigars a day and drinking whiskey or coffee enhanced whiskey, the life was that of a man who had nothing prove. He knew that he'd lived his life with honor, he'd done his part and despite the world seemingly falling apart around him at times, held himself to a standard of goodness that many of us could only dream of.Governor Rick Perry of Texas visited him at his Austin home and in 2014 the man was honored by then President Obama, despite the fame and the press, it didn't make him wealthy, rather he just kept on living, sitting on his front porch in a home that he built back in 1945.What more can we say about this man that so epitomized the best of our country? His attitude towards life and living was an inspiration to us all and a reminder that we needn't take life so seriously all the time. In fact, sometimes...most of life's problems can be solved by sitting on a porch, smoking a cigar and sipping on some whiskey.We'll miss you, Richard, you and your cigars and whiskey were a national treasure.

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