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Collision Course: Venezuela

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 25, 2019
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As much as we've been tempering our forces and surprisingly haven't sent troops into Venezuela yet (are we actually using common sense), another potential threat still looms. Russia is eyeing military action in Venezuela to support the *cough*puppet*cough* Maduro...a few Russian military aircraft arrived in Venezuela under the guise of military cooperation...because birds of a feather flock to Communism. There are reports of the aircraft carrying roughly 100 Russian accurate this is or what their purpose is, remains to be seen.Roughly 100 troops huh...Maybe this is being blown out of proportion, because hell even the United States landed a C-17 near the Venezuelan border in Columbia with humanitarian aid a while back. That's technically a military aircraft manned by U.S. military personnel. Maybe not 100, and not on Venezuelan soil but... if they're (Russia) there to do anything other than humanitarian aid for the people of Venezuela, then Russia is setting the stage for conflict.Why?Because not like 2 weeks ago or some shit, Russia was getting all high and mighty telling the United States how we'd better stay the fluck outta Venezuela...(look we probably shouldn't get involved there outside of humanitarian aid, but not because those slapdick Commies tell us to, because endless wars suck ass). Now though, we kinda want the U.S. to go to ball out if Russia sends more troops, just to be an asshole.F*** us? No, no f*** you, Russia, f*** you!Russia and the United States seem like they just can't stop playing "Let's whip our metaphorical danglers out" to see who has the biggest one on the block (It's us...we have the biggest one on the block)."Don't get involved with Venezuela!""No, you don't get involved with Venezuela!""No, no, you don't get involved with Venezuela!""No, no, no you don't get involved with Venezuela!"This is the game we're playing. Best and the brightest from both countries, and we're having a glorified dick measuring contest over a South American country. Make no mistake, we all just want peace here, but if Russia keeps f***in' around we're going to make them some pocket holding bitches and cut the strings on their puppet.

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