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Crisis Averted in the Middle East

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 10, 2019
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Thank Harambe that coolers heads have prevailed and the crisis has been averted, for now at least. The USS Abraham Lincoln and her strike group have been operating in the Arabian Sea for quite some time now and although there have been many interactions with Iranian naval vessels, there have not been any unsafe or unprofessional actions taken by the Iranian Navy.For now, we can hope that with the presence of the carrier battle group and other units reinforcing the area, everyone has calmed down and realized that on both sides, there would be a lot of destruction.Maybe it'll escalate again, as we've all seen throughout the years, with all sorts of pundits taking sides and making predictions, we're no exception to the fact that we could be wrong, it happens. We're human, but for now, it seems like, despite new sanctions, the imminent threat of hostilities has cooled. Maybe not to the level we'd like, but it's looking like everyone is going to be cool and not start some shit.Of course, no sooner will we publish this than someone on either side will probably do something stupid to make us look foolish, but CENTCOM commander General Frank McKenzie told the sailors of the carrier:

"I requested this ship because of ongoing tensions with Iran, and nothing says you're interested in somebody like 90,000 tons of aircraft carrier and everything that comes with it. Our intent by bringing you here was to stabilize the situation and let Iran know that now is not the time to do something goofy."

And it looks like it worked. We particularly like his use of the word goofy, because...well the dude said goofy in a very serious speech. If you don't giggle snort a little bit at that, then there is no hope for your sense of humor.It looks like good news, at least for the time being as Iran is either deciding that maybe they won't pick a fight with the extremely forward-deployed US military, or they have to make entirely different plans to attack us. Right now, it's calm...but we all know that saying about the calm before the peace right? Exactly that's not how the saying we'll see how long this uneasy cooling of tensions lasts.

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