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Dead Man Snores Awake

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 10, 2018
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A dead man snores himself awake in Spain...Ok, this is pretty damn weird guys. So as far as we know only an M.D. can pronounce someone dead, that's how it works right, at least here in the United States? This guy in Spain was pronounced dead, goes through the process of whatever happens when you die, then started snoring on the autopsy table.The 29-year-old man, Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez was pronounced a dead man by three doctors after being found unconscious in his cell. He was a prisoner at a northern Spain prison and believed to be dead. However, despite examinations by three forensic doctors, proclaiming that his life had ceased. Gonzalo woke up on the autopsy table, severely annoyed at how cold the table was. "Don't you guys have blankets in here, wait where am I?" (we can only presume to think this is what Gonzalo said, but also probably in Spanish as well, or English, either way).

dead man

Despite how cool this sounds, the universal guideline for being declared dead is something to the effect of a stopped heartbeat or there are no neurological impulses being sent from the brain to the body. Determining either of these can be tricky for some and is not always a foolproof method for determining actual death. Still though. The story is pretty amazing because even though Gonzalo wasn't actually dead, once they start buzz-sawing open your chest, you're either going to wake up or you're going to actually be dead. If you wake up though, you'll still probably end up dead. It's a big saw, and it's in your chest.Just kidding, we've never seen the saw, but we'd assume it's a big saw if they gotta cut through the sternum right? Just make sure you check to see if we're alive before calling in the doctors to cut us open ok?

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