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Deadly Sniper Interview

Veteran News
Veteran News
February 12, 2016
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Rare Interview With America's Most Deadly Sniper

Chris Kyle, is known as America's most deadly sniper. In Iraq he had between 160 and 190 confirmed kills and struck fear in to the hearts of America's enemies. He was so devastating and terrifying that the terrorists put a bounty on his head and gave him the nickname Al Shaitan Ramadi, or The Devil of Ramadi. To the Americans, he was a Guardian Angel that used a scoped rifle to protect them from imminent danger.Check out this rare interview with the most deadly sniper in American history.

deadly sniper

After his service, Chris Kyle wrote an autobiography about his time overseas and dealing with the struggles all military families know all to well. Deployment after deployment, Chris returned home safe only to be killed at a firing range helping other Veterans cope with life after the military.Chris was known for putting others ahead of himself, whether it was on the battlefield or helping out at home. Saving countless American lives on the battlefield and than being there for those same people as they transitioned back to everyday life. Some may have other opinions on the man, but a lot of people were happy he was around.Let us know what you think about this in the comment section or on our Facebook.

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