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Defense Secretary Pushes Investigation of Niger Ambush

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 29, 2019
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Bad things happen in war all the time. Good men die and sometimes it is unpreventable. It is a truth that despite knowing, is still difficult to bear for many. I still remember the shock when I heard the news, and saw the video. How were we so outgunned and caught by surprise? How did this happen? Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has picked up where James Mattis left off, instituting a second investigation into the events surrounding and leading up to the costly ambush.The Pentagon already stated that the ambush was the result of multiple failures that indirectly led to the ambush. So the question is who failed the men on the ground? Initial reports pinned it on the junior leaders, but some lawmakers wanted senior leaders to accept responsibility too.Maybe at this point, I'm just a broken record saying the same shit over and over again, but since nobody at the Pentagon or anywhere has listened to me yet, I'll just keep f***ing repeating myself. The job of everyone from the lowly private all the way up to the highest general is to make the guys who are trying to kill us, die before they make us die. Strange concept, we know. To make all of that happen everyone has a different albeit important job. The private has to be really good at pulling the trigger and hitting the target. The NCO has to be really good at emplacing the private where he can do the most damage to the enemy. The junior officer has to work with the NCOs at developing a plan that will ensure the NCO has all the tools necessary to do his job. It continues all the way up the chain to the highest general doing his job properly.Everyone has to work together to make the enemy die real good like.So in the instance of the Niger Ambush, I saw the video. The troops in contact did phenomenal considering they were outnumbered. They did their job extremely well, yet still paid the ultimate price. So while the question in many people's minds is "Who do we blame for this," a second and more important question must follow it up and it seems like common sense, so it may have already been asked, but also it's common sense so it may not have been asked. That second question after we blame someone is "How do we ensure this never happens again?"Because at the end of the day, when it comes to life or death, we cannot be reckless or ill-prepared.

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