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Diet in the Soviet Union: Assholes as Always

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 6, 2019
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So amidst the fact that the Russians (a.k.a Diet Soviet Union), despite the fact that they should be ashamed of their Commie heritage, have been ramping up the rhetoric that WW2 was already won by them on the eastern front and that Normandy would have failed without them. Ok, and they would have failed without all the military equipment we gave them via the Lend-Lease Act. To further be dickholes this week, yesterday a Russian jet conducted an unsafe intercept of a United States Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft.Over the course of 175 minutes, the Russian Su-35 crossed in front of the Poseidon aircraft in an unsafe maneuver. The Russian aircraft made a total of three intercepts, with only the second one being reported as unsafe.These fukin' guys man. As we've stated several times before, we know we haven't made the best foreign policy choices, but we're not flying around international airspace trying to prompt midair collisions with other nations.This shit is obviously getting to the stupid level and we all know what happens when you play stupid games. It wouldn't be surprising in the least for escort aircraft to appear next time that Poseidon goes up and quite frankly, Russia shouldn't even be mad if their aircraft suddenly and magically turns into debris.Would that be brazen and brash, possibly igniting a world war? Maybe...but an off duty Turkish police officer killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the two countries have been getting along famously ever since.Maybe, just maybe, we should shoot down one of their planes and they'll have some respect for us and stop dicking around. Obviously, that's a long shot and ridiculous, but given the course of events that have led us to here, we're not so sure anything is really out of the realm of possibility.Fukin Diet Soviet Union.

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