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Discipline, Integrity, and Accountability: Keys to Success at NovaPoint Capital

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Community Support
May 31, 2017
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As a graduate of West Point, Joseph Sroka, Chief Investment Officer of NovaPoint Capital, knows that success is achieved with experience, discipline, and integrity. It’s with those three concepts in mind that NovaPoint approaches its business.After arriving in Berlin, Germany in April of 1989, Sroka had a ringside seat for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. With America’s cold war adversary in disarray, he moved on to the civilian world.After a long career learning his trade and gaining experience at several prestigious investment firms, Sroka stepped forward and founded NovaPoint Capital in 2015. Along the way, he earned a MBA at the University of Chicago, as well as Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Market Technician designations. Importantly, he has deep investment experience, having navigated through multiple economic and market cycles including the 2008 financial crisis.“We pride ourselves on our disciplined approach to investing. It’s the same discipline that was instilled in me during my time in the military,” said Sroka. “Being a disciplined investor with a well-planned investment strategy allows me to avoid getting caught up in the emotions and noise of the financial markets.”“In addition to discipline, two characteristics often associated with the military are accountability and integrity. Making investment decisions on behalf of individuals or institutions is a great responsibility,” Sroka added. “First, we need to execute on the investment strategy that we’ve presented. Second, we need to provide clear and open communication on how we are doing, whether the market is cooperating or not with our investment strategy.”With these principles at the core, Sroka often looks to help fellow veterans because he’s seen too many taken advantage of by others in the financial services industry.“Veterans are accustomed to trusting people in the civilian world just as they trusted their fellow soldiers in the military,” said Sroka. “This can make them fall prey to businesses that don’t serve their clients with the high integrity. Veteran-focused nonprofit organizations are often taken advantage of as well and that ultimately hurts the veterans that those organizations are looking to help.”NovaPoint has grown steadily over the last two years and is looking forward to continued growth in the future. “We are honored to work with the individuals and institutions that have trusted us with their money,” Sroka added, “And we look forward to serving them for the long term.”

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