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Dismissal on the Horizon

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
May 30, 2019
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Is it possible that the case against Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher will be dropped? Right now there is a hearing to determine the answer to that question. As we've stated many times before, whatever happens, the integrity of the case has been compromised and it's doubtful that either side will take an opposing decision seriously. Is this what our justice system has become?Whatever our personal opinions on the case are, we need to take a real giant step back and ask ourselves if this case is how we want justice to proceed in this nation. Presume guilt in the court of public opinion, crucify a man, then allow prosecutors to violate the protections afforded to the defendant, then carry on with the trial despite all the misconduct? Is that how we'd want to be judged? How we'd want our friends and family to be judged? We think not.If it were your family or friend who swore up and down they were not guilty of what they were charged with, wouldn't you want some semblance of fairness or impartiality in the judicial system, whether military or civilian? It may be difficult to step away from the media buzz about this case, as it's so high profile and those of us who have been to war know that a lot of bad shit happens there and so it's not unreasonable to believe that maybe some shit went too this justice?What if it was you? What if in your entire life, you made two or three enemies who conspired to ruin your name across the entire nation and ensure you're forever viewed as a war criminal? Wouldn't you want some impartiality and the evidence to speak for itself rather than the court of public opinion just taking the word of those who assert you did this evil thing?Our country isn't great because our military has the biggest piece and a super dope economy. Our country is great because no matter what kind of heinous crime you're accused of, there is...or at least there used to be a presumption of innocence until evidence PROVED otherwise.We were great because we didn't go around burning people at the stake for being witches and heretics just because their pissed off neighbor said so...or are we willing to accept that if we're so willing to crucify someone in the court of public opinion, allow such gross misconduct by the prosecution and we're so willing to ruin lives with no absolute proof of a crime...that maybe we're not so great after all. (gasp you should)Should the case be dismissed? We've ruined the integrity of it from the get-go. Maybe he is guilty, but if he is, why would the prosecution need to act in such a way? Why out of everyone, has the defense team been doing the right thing all along? Maybe...just maybe, it's because he's innocent...

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