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Don't Touch Our Drones, Either

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 17, 2019
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How dumb must these dudes be? Literally. All Iran had to do was do nothing. But alas...being legitimately pants on head ridiculous is not exclusive to just the United States government. In fact, we actually gotta hand it to our government with their restraint so far. We've got pretty solid video evidence of Iran taking part in the attacks on the tankers, in addition to all of that, they've harassed our drones.Luckily for Iran, it was drones, doubt we'd be this cool if they'd shot down a manned aircraft in the same fashion they shot down an unspecified drone on June 6th over Yemen. Houthi rebels, who have long been financed and supplied by Iran, used a Houthi SA-6 anti-air missile to bring down the drone. Now in roughly a weeks time, Iran fired a missile at an MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Gulf of Oman, in the same vicinity as the tankers that were attacked on that same morning.For a country that says it really doesn't want war...Iran sure isn't helping itself out.We've got a ton of people speculating that this is a false flag or a setup as a pretense for war, c'mon Iran did shoot at our drones AND we've got solid video evidence of them f***ing with the limpet mine. We're not saying we should go to war, just that Iran is making it really difficult for us to play it cool.Honest to Harambe, we're surprised we've shown this much restraint. Shoot at our drones, sabotage ships circa the Tanker Wars of the '80s. Can we all just agree for like 5 minutes that we're surprised we haven't already rocked Iran back into the stone age? Because given all that we have 'evidence' of, we normally would have made Crater Lake 2.0.It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out, we're gullibly optimistic...well...that's not quite right, we're hopeful that we keep playing it cool until there is a consensus that Iran can't play nice with others. Then...kill all the badies and come home, there's no need for another warcation lasting 17 years.

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