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Drone Footage: Huge VBIED & Afghan Police

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 26, 2016
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A Taliban YouTube channel uploaded a video containing drone footage of a massive vehicle-borne IED attack on what appears to be an Afghan Police compound.The full video, which can be viewed below, contains footage of what appears to be a bearded Taliban man speaking in Pashto before getting into a captured Humvee and driving away. He appears to be ready to sacrifice himself as a suicide bomber.The video then cuts to drone footage far above an Afghan Police headquarters in what the video says is Nawa District, Helmand Province. It shows the Humvee driving quickly up a winding path toward the base, then detonating an enormous payload inside.


It's unclear how the Humvee got inside of the outpost, but two possible theories hold water. The first is that security procedures there are so lax that the gate was simply open. This makes sense to anyone who has actually worked with Afghan Police before.The second is that the Afghan Police were actually manning the towers but opened the gate to allow the Humvee to pass, thinking it was a friendly vehicle. In Afghanistan, ANP and ANA (Afghan National Army) troops often took vehicles out solo.Check it out for yourself. The first video is just the IED blast; the second is from the Taliban's YouTube propaganda channel.

Video 1: IED Blast Only

Video 2: Leadup and Aftermath

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