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Dude, We've Got You on Camera! [Video]

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 14, 2019
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We've got you on camera. You'd think with all the "upgrades" to their military and the saber rattling they've been doing Iran wouldn't be so dumb as to get caught redhanded taking something off the hull of one of the destroyers. But alas here we are.Did they think we wouldn't see it? We've got drones for days. Of course, we're going to monitor the ships, why wouldn't we? Two ships don't just mysteriously have explosions and then the U.S. Navy is like..."Oh yeah, we don't need to investigate or watch the ships closely." Then an Iranian Patrol Boat pulls up to the hull of one of the tankers and takes what many are asserting is an unexploded limpet mine from the hull.A limpet mine is a sea mine that is attached to the hull of a ship using magnets. You just roll up, get the mine close to the ship and voila magnetism does the rest.Iran still continues to assert that it was not responsible for the attacks, but...Dude, we've got you on camera. We've got Iran on camera removing something from the hull. Even if it isn't a limpet mine as many are asserting...why the fugg is Iran taking something off the hull of the ship?

Doesn't really make sense if you want to continue to play the innocence card.Now you've all seen that we've been saying that we don't think that yet another war is a great idea. War sucks. But...we can't have rogue nations trying to weird flex on the world by blowing holes in tankers because their impotence to strike at a real military target. Honestly at this point with all the bullshit going on in the world, and despite any ramifications, just start lighting up the Iranian military. Put all of their boats at the bottom of the ocean and turn their military into a memory.Also, if you're questioning the quality of the video, remember this. It's being taken probably from a FLIR camera on a drone, miles, and miles away. Sorry the U.S. Navy didn't Hollywood it up for you.Because...well, dude, we've got you on camera Iran.

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