Earthquake in Iran
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Earthquake in Iran

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 14, 2017
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We know many of you don't care. However, with troops still in the region in advisory positions, we thought it prudent to talk a little bit about the earthquake that shook Iran and Iraq on Sunday. Iran's state-run news agency stated that somewhere around 7,460 people were injured and in Iraq, the injured numbered around 535 people. The most recent death toll climbed to 530 people between the two countries.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits Sarpol-e Zahab county in Kermanshah that was hit by a powerful earthquake, Iran November 14, 2017

While you may not care and hope that everyone over there dies, it is important to remember that more than likely U.S. Forces will be deployed in some shape form or fashion, depending on what goes down in the Middle East. With that knowledge, you should become acutely aware of the interworkings of everything taking place in that region. The fact that Saudi Arabia and Iran are engaged in a proxy war that could at any moment break out into a real war, the fact that there are still U.S. forces acting in advisory positions all across the Middle East, the fact that despite all wisdom and common sense we still support Saudia Arabia and will likely deploy forces to combat Iran with Saudi Arabia. Whether it's a natural disaster or yet another war in the Middle East, we will probably somehow be involved, we usually can't resist.What is interesting is that even the "president" (they just throw that term around so loosely don't they) of Iran, Hassan Rouhani noticed and commented that the state built homes suffered noticeably more damage than those built privately. Rouhani promised that the people responsible for the shoddy workmanship would be held accountable as many Iranians are living in makeshift tents while temperatures drop below freezing for the second night in a row with very little food, water or firewood.

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It may be slightly helpful in a time like this to remember, we don't hate the Iranian people, just their crackpot dictatorship government (much like we just hate Kim Jong Un, not the people of North Korea) who encourages the actions of Hezbollah and the PLO, as well as the Houthi rebels in Yemen. We hope this failure by the government in Iran leads to change from within as more war would almost certainly ensure U.S. involvement.

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