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Embassy Evacuation in Baghdad

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 15, 2019
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The embassy in Baghdad and the consulate in Erbil are being evacuated amidst the continuing rising tensions with Iran. That's about all that has really changed. The United States still claims that there are credible threats from Iran and her proxy forces in the region. The United States is also asserting that Iran is behind the attacks on the four oil tankers near the contestable Strait of Hormuz this past weekend. So that's definitely totally calmed everyone in the region down (said nobody ever).Both countries talkers say they don't want a war, but we're evacuating our embassy and consulate like we know some shit is about to go down. Which we're sure everyone is going to be super happy about...we guess (also a bit of sarcasm in that statement).We'll say this on the matter, no matter who shoots first because we're going to call it...and we'll be happy if we're wrong, but someone is definitely going to shoot...anyways moving on, whoever shoots first, it will be the most telegraphed first punch in the history of war. For almost two weeks now we've been seeing both sides dare each other to swing and when it finally does happen, when someone finally does "swing" you'll be sure to find us on our porch getting a great tan and drinking a frozen margarita continuing to not be surprised at how stupid nations and leaders can be.As of now though, we're just happy that someone has the foresight to get people who don't need to be at the embassy and consulate out before they become liabilities or casualties. We've got that kind of going for us so...which also leads us to believe that either we're getting ready to shoot or we're really certain that Iran is going to shoot or already has via the sabotage of the oil vessels.But when if and when it all goes down, you won't see us looking surprised.

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