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Face to Face with the Wall

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
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Community Support
February 20, 2017
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Day after day, people are faced with walls in their lives. These walls can be physical or mental. No matter how they present themselves, they can put a serious challenge in our path. The question is, what do you do when it appears?The clever may find a way over the wall with minimal effort. The passive may figure out a way around it. The ambitious or motivated may lower their shoulder and attack it head on, grabbing any tool they can to break it down and blast through. Unfortunately, there are some who, when faced with these walls, simply shut down and lean on it, trapped in a mental limbo. This is where small walls become dams or mountains. Some people simply start to become part of the wall itself, allowing themselves to be consumed by the growing self-doubt that wraps around them like vines.

This is where decisions have to be made: do you allow yourself to be consumed, or break free from your roots and move on? It could be fear that holds you back, it could be the unknown; maybe even the fear of the unknown. This is where we must realize that, though it may seem lonely behind this wall and there will never be a way out, you are never truly alone. Help can be found in some of the most remarkable places.[caption id="attachment_10428" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

(QLA Consulting)[/caption]The real question is: if you found it, would you allow it to pry you free? It can be a leap of faith, but it can actually save your life and lead to bigger accomplishments.

Face each leap with this thought in mind, a thought of “why.” Not, “why me,” but, “why not me!” Face the day with this mindset: that when success is in sight, it won’t walk over and simply pick you up; you have to reach out, grab hold, and never let go. Find your motivation and use it as fuel to pull you over the wall. Make that, “why not me” into a metaphorical hammer, and don't just break through the wall, but destroy it all together. If it hits back, get up and hit it harder. Don’t settle until every brick is reduced to dust. Never give that wall the time or chance to rebuild.

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