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FBI Gains Access to DNA Home Test Kit

Veteran News
Veteran News
February 5, 2019
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Well...this won't end poorly now will it? FamilyTreeDNA has confirmed that they are working closely with the FBI and local law enforcement, letting them snoop and poop around their entire genealogy database. We know we write some satire at times, but this sadly is 100% true. While we definitely want crimes to be solved, there is this cool little thing called the 5th amendment where you're protected from implicating yourself and warrants. Warrants, the 5th amendment, and probable cause all of that jazz...innocent until proven guilty you know, that old chestnut.For all those times that you don't read the one hundred million page long Terms and Conditions and End User License Agreement, you might want to start taking some PTO days so that you can ensure that you're safe, before you try and find out if you can get a few privileges because you're 1/17680th of whatever happens to be the marginalized group of the time.While the FBI has been pouring over any and all available public databases for DNA FamilyTreeDNA is the first privately owned company allowing them access.We know the old adage goes that if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't be afraid, but remember the opposite is true as well; if you have nothing to hide, then why are they snooping?Truth be told at the end of the day as shocking as this may be and as much as we see this going south really fast, we're not entirely sure that it's going to be that big of a deal, it's not like serial killers are sending off for home DNA test kits saying;"Gee man I really hope I have a Nordic ancestor so I can justify all my pillaging and murder!"We're not trying to embolden criminals here, but like...if you murder folks...don't send off for a home DNA test kit. If you do, you kind of deserve to be caught for being literally that damn f***ing stupid.

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