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Fear of an Arms Race is Dumb

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August 2, 2019
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After the United States officially left the INF Treaty today, everyone in seems to be afraid of a "new arms" race with Russia. A NEW ARMS RACE! NO HOW COULD WE?! Probably the same way we've been going about it since the fall of the Soviet know steadily albeit slowly but it's not like we've stopped developing weapons. We get it, saying that we're going to begin a new "arms race" with Russia is crazy scary and controversial...but we have an observation we'd like to share that...maybe the rest of the class wasn't really aware of.We've been developing weapons since the Cold War "ended". Everyone who thinks that we stopped developing new and exciting ways to kill our enemies as soon as the Berlin Wall fell, please raise your hand. Now everyone that didn't raise their hands, point and laugh at the idiots who did raise their hand.If you're afraid of a new "arms race" then you haven't been paying attention the last 30 some odd years, as China and Russia have both been trying to play catch up with the United States, and we, well we've been trying to stay ahead of them. We've literally been in an arms race with Russia since the end of World War 2 and despite the Berlin Wall falling down and the Soviet Union taking some of the calories out, so now they are only Diet Soviet Union, we've still been proactive in ensuring we have weapons and technology capable of deterring Russian and now Chinese's not an entirely bad thing to be in an arms race, we did it once before and we came out with some pretty cool shit. When we had a Space Race, we put a man on the moon. Something about the impending threat of doom for all of your peoples tends to get people laser-focused on their jobs...competition makes us all better.So in closing, first off, we haven't stopped the original arms race we were in, we've just been coasting because everyone else was so far behind us. Two, it's not a horrible thing to ensure that hostile nations like Russia and/or China don't have a leg up on us militarily. So if you're afraid of an "Arms Race" because we pulled out of the INF're either dumb or haven't been paying attention.

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