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Feminist Retreat Teaches Men

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 30, 2018
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We can't make this shit up. Honestly. Truth has got to be stranger than fiction. A Feminist retreat teaches men to deal with their own "toxicity". Holy hell we thought we'd seen it all.At the Ojai Valley Inn (in California, how surprising), if you're a man and you feel some misguided desire to correct your masculine ways, you can pony up roughly $900 for a weekend. Yes $900, and that's not including travel, to have your wayward masculine habits transformed into a more caring and sensitive "woke" way of living. This feminist retreat teaches said they made them do musical chairs without music to prove a point about gender roles...seems like you just taught them the wrong way to play musical chairs.There is an idea, among certain circles that the very nature of masculinity is toxic. We get it to a degree. When we see bro'd out dudes in pavement princesses who claim to be "Alpha as F***" we laugh our balls off too and comment on how much it must suck to have a shorter barrel than the other "gunfighters" (if you catch our drift).However actual masculinity...yeah we're pretty sure we don't need help and if we did, it probably wouldn't cost us almost a grand over a weekend to get "woke". Which brings us to another point, the more you claim to be "woke", the more we're going to assume you're probably super dumb and completely not "woke" at all. This feminist retreat teaches men that they are to blame and to be honest, that's such a load of bullshit. The human population, as a whole, generally has a few assholes in the mix from all walks of life.We digress. Masculinity isn't toxic, just the same way being feminine isn't toxic. There is one basic rule to govern all of the genders he through she, x, y, and z. It's a relatively simple rule, it goes a bit like this.Don't Be A Dick.See simple. You don't need a whole bunch of soapbox preachy assholes overcharging you tons of cash to learn about how you're a shitbag. Chances are if you are a shitbag, plenty of people have already let you know for free. Don't waste $900 to find any of you folks would anyways.

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