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Fookin' Aliens, Man!

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 30, 2019
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We miiiight want to speed up putting those super neat lasers on our warships if all these reports of alien sightings by the U.S. Navy turn out to be scouting runs for the inevitable invasion by a superior alien species. Since the observed craft can outfly basically any of our missiles based on the reports from naval aviators who've seen the craft, the lasers would be a much better option as they have the capability to travel faster than the speed of light. Wait what?Yes. Lasers can travel faster than the speed of light given certain parameters. It supposedly breaks the laws of physics but given the ability of a laser to pulse, means it can do interesting shit. We're not going to elaborate on that because, quite frankly, we're glad we got a C in Physics 102, but we will let the dudes at Physics World tell you all about it. They seem uniquely qualified to explain that phenomenon.Anyways, moving forward, like Hernan Cortes burning his ships, we were almost certain with the advent of so much AI so quickly that it would definitely be machines that murdered us all, but given the eye witness reports from several naval aviators and the recordings from their infrared sensors, along with confirmation from one surface's definitely going to be aliens that try to start some shit with humanity.So, we guess that means cue in the United States Marine Corps. Why? It's movie law. The United States Army gets monsters (all the Godzilla movies, Cloverfield, Kong, Rampage, Pacific Rim), Marines get aliens (Battlefield: Los Angeles, Independence Day, Aliens, hell we're even gonna claim Starship Troopers because they act like Marines, it's our world we can do what we want)...see you get the point.Also, who wouldn't want the Marines to take on the aliens, who else do you think is going to try and open up friendly relations with the Aliens night stands in the barracks of Alpha Centauri? The Coast Guard? (laughing Marine Corps-ly intensifies)

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