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For Veterans and Their Dogs: Sierra Delta

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 29, 2018
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With every good and great discovery or adaptation we've made as humankind, there is always an unfortunate downside. Meet the organization fighting to ensure veterans and their dogs always have their best paw forward. Sierra Delta is that organization, fighting the fight for veterans and their dogs. There is a small minority who utilize the service dog designation for their own personal gain. Sierra Delta is looking to use education and training to ensure that your service animal, whether a public access service dog or an emotional support dog is represented appropriately and both owner and animal have all the tools they need to be successful.There is a lot that goes into training what is known as a public access service dog. These are the dogs you see that are allowed everywhere, as they are doing a job providing real care and performing specific tasks on for their veteran. On average, it can take over 30,000 dollars and two years for these animals to learn all the necessary skills to be a bon-a-fide public access service dog. Sierra Delta not only partners with several charitable arms of companies like PetSmart and Blue Buffalo but also connects veterans with service animal non-profits as well. Sierra Delta is a veterans one stop everything you need to know and do to get a service dog.

Sierra Delta

Having a service animal is a great responsibility, and with every great responsibility comes a unique set of burdens that only those with that specific experience understand. That's why in addition to everything else Sierra Delta is doing, they are also trying to create a community for veterans and their service dogs as well as a network of partner providers (K9's for Warriors, Southeastern Guide Dogs, Canine Companions, Patriot Paws, E.C.A.D, N.E.A.D.S, Next Step Service Dogs, Paws Assistance Dogs, America's Vet Dogs), to support and help each other grow and to get the most out of their service animal. At the end of the day, Sierra Delta is here to ensure that the service dog and veteran community are presented in a positive light, with proper education, charitable giving and doing right by both the veteran and the dog.

Sierra Delta
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