shot by an ak-47|shot by an ak-47
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Former SF Doc Explains Why He'd Rather Be Shot by an AK-47

Veteran News
Veteran News
December 23, 2015
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Rather be Shot by an AK-47?

shot by an ak-47

No one would want to be shot by either, but if you had to choose, this former SF doctor is here to explain, in graphic detail, why he would much rather be shot by an AK-47 than an M-4.From Dr. Dan Pronk (you should read his bio if you are unsure of his credentials as a bad-ass) of SOFREP:Admittedly, I’d rather not be shot with either, but if I had to choose, I’d take a round from the AK-47 over the M4 any day of the week. To add a caveat to that statement, I’m talking from relatively close range here—say up to 150-200 meters.To understand why, it’s important to first take a very basic look at the physics behind terminal ballistics. In this case, consider the science of what happens when a penetrating missile enters a human body. The first place to start is the following kinetic-energy equation:KE = ½ M (V1-V2)2Breaking this equation down into its components, we have kinetic energy (KE) influenced by the mass (M) of the penetrating missile, as well as the velocity (V) of the missile. This makes sense; it is logical that a heavier, faster missile is going to do more damage than a lighter, slower missile. What is important to understand is the relative influence that mass and velocity have on kinetic energy, as this is key to understanding why I’d rather be shot with an AK than with an M4. You’ll notice that the mass component of the KE equation is halved, whereas the velocity component is squared. For this reason, it is the velocity of the projectile that has far more bearing on the energy that it delivers into the target than the mass.Be sure to read the rest at SOFREP.

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