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Future Warfare: Night Vision in a Needle

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
September 25, 2019
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Wait wait wait wait wait a fucking minute. You, hold on. Straight up they are going to be able to inject mothafuckas with night vision capability? Some scientists have discovered that it is possible to inject mice with some really small particles called nanoparticles that in turn allow them to see much better at night. The results of this experiment are leading some to believe that we could in fact, inject night vision into our future warfighters.So...a couple of things on this. Fuckin neat. Like, c'mon dudes and dudettes, we've been hoping for technology from the Jetsons for like 20 years now. How cool would it be if a warfighter never again grabbed an empty NVG bag and had the biggest scare of a lifetime...only to remember his NVGs were on his helmet, which was on his head? Totally fuckin dope right?This is an excerpt from another article talking about the more...technical aspects that we don't have the credentials to explain;

"The researchers developed upconverting nanoparticles that would activate in response to these wavelengths and then emit their own higher energy particles. These up-converting nanoparticles (UPCNs) were tweaked to emit green light rather than the initial blue light because mammalian eyes, including human eyes, are most sensitive to the green part of the spectrum." -Joel Hruska, Extreme Tech

The question on everyone's mind though...the question is this...Will you have to turn your night vision nanoparticles back into the armory like you would your NVGs or you get to keep that super dope night vision forever now? These are the real questions because...some of us might reenlist to try and get some of that forever night vision.Also, like could this shit have potential side effects? Hell, if you think the VA is backlogged now, wait till everyone goes blind because they got forever night vision and it fucked 'em over. That disability compensation plan would be brutal.

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