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Gallagher Defense Team Pushing for Pause or Dismissal

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Active Military
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Veteran News
May 16, 2019
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Amid the admittance of the prosecution spying on the defense team of Chief Eddie Gallagher and Lt. Jacob Portier, the defense team for both have asked that the case either be put on hold or that the case be dismissed outright. We're of the opinion that it be dismissed outright. Violating attorney-client privilege is an ethical taboo that even those of us not in the legal field understand there are severe consequences for. Also, there is another issue...The truth will never get to see the light of day...well it might, but with how much controversy this case has stirred up along with the obvious and blatant bullshit that the prosecution pulled, even if he gets brought to trial now or any other time, the amount of bias for any sort of verdict is going to again, like we've said, ensure that the unbiased truth, never gets its day. That's unfortunate. Because on our side, where we're sitting, we were and still are on Team Free Eddie (I'll get to why in a minute). But those who think he's a war criminal will never let the truth convince them that he isn't because of the way this has progressed.We're on Team Free Eddie because once upon a night in Iraq in 2005, I, your humble writer, was in a situation where a detainee, who'd been flexicuffed and blindfolded and in the back of our up-armored highback started calling for his little JTJ or AQIZ buddies to come and make him a martyr by putting an RPG into the cargo bay of that humvee. Ramadi happens to be a decently vertical city with two and three-story buildings, where getting that angle wouldn't have been difficult for some alphabet soup insurgent group member to kill yours truly. I told homeboy in English and Arabic, what little I could muster, that I'd kill him if he didn't shut up. Luckily he believed me and the rest of the trip went without incident.In that moment though, had he not shut his mouth, and had I pulled the trigger, the war criminal label I would earn, although in my mind I'd have been ethically and morally right in my decision. He became a threat to my team and me.I don't know what happened with Eddie in Mosul. I wasn't there and chances are most of you reading this weren't there either. But I can say that due to my experiences...even if he did kill that dude...which we'll never know for certain...given certain circumstances, maybe some of us would have made the same decision.But alas we'll probably never know the unbiased truth.

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