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Gear That Actually Works

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 6, 2019
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The new body armor that the Army will supposedly be fielding seems to take a right turn from the typical gear acquisition methods. You know the typical behavior of "Hey this is your shit, make it work or you know don't we don't care." That's usually how the military gets its gear. But now...the Army is fielding new body armor that is lighter and allows for more mobility and includes dun dun duhhhh... shooter's cut.What is a shooter's cut you ask? We're glad you did. It's a cutout in the body armor where the buttstock of the rifle can be seated properly into the shoulder pocket. See our old interceptor vests protected a huge area of our chest, but seating the rifle properly into our shoulder was mildly problematic. You could push it to the side using your buttstock and all, which was cool...but, it'd be nicer if we could enjoy seating our rifle and increase the beloved first round hit probability. It seems as if for the first time the powers that be are listening to the lowly grunt shouting up as loudly as he can,"Hey bro, I'm straight up not having a good time, this shit makes it hard to engage!"And now instead of strapping soldiers up in their 'beloved' samurai suit (that's sarcasm), soldiers may actually hate wearing their body armor a little less than they did before.Yes the cut will take away some protection...but if your rifle is where it should be, you know in your shoulder, delivering freedom seeds, then it'll take one hell of a shot from a bad guy to make anyone second guess the shooters cut. Plus, grunts will be happy their gear is actually facilitating them hitting targets rather than making it difficult to move around on the battlefield.We expect that the Marine Corps will get the new lightweight advanced body armor with the shooters cut by the year 2345 if all goes according to plan.

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