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North Korea: A Cape Cause They're Super Mad

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
July 16, 2019
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South Korea is conducting military drills with the United States, and you probably would be too if there was this thing called history where your "friendly" "loving" neighbors to the North "visited" you with their tanks and soldiers without your permission and you had to have a friend come in and get your back. You might also do so if your "friendly" "cool" neighbors to the south had a history of invading and subjugating your people.While Japan is off the hook since we taught them a lesson...well two lessons in drastic climate change where the hottest temp ever recorded in two cities in Japan has yet to be beaten. But North Korea....oh what ever will we do with you and your pudgy pantsuit dictator?North Korea is stupid mad over planned military drills that South Korea is planning with the United States this summer. Why? Because whenever someone with a military uniform in South Korea, whether U.S. or South Korean, sneezes wrong, North Korea thinks we're doing a dress rehearsal for invading them.Now, why would we want to invade North Korea? Is it because of all the political assassinations? Or maybe it's because of all the starving people? Maybe it's because North Korea is prime real estate and we need to get our hands on that shit? Here's a hint, it's probably got more to do with those first two reasons than that last reason.North Korea has stated they'll resume testing their ballistic missiles if we go through with the military drill. Do they mean like the two missiles they tested that one week after which we seized their ship? Don't get us wrong, we're glad we took their ship. Remember the Pueblo.North Korea has been extremely erratic despite all the talks and it just goes to show the age-old wisdom in not counting your eggs till they hatch. But yeah...get them dudes a cape, because they're super mad.

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