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Get in Shape Fast: Train Like a 4-Year-Old

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
April 21, 2017
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Are you bored in the gym? Are you tired of working and working and not seeing the results come? Are you tired of going gym altogether? It doesn’t take thousands of dollars in clothes, supplements, and gym memberships to get in shape. Finally, the next greatest way to workout is here! The secret to the killer beach bod or massive gains in strength is…train like a 4-year-old. Never. Stop. Moving. Ever.Have you ever watched the amount of activity that the average 4-year-old crams into a day? It’s astounding. The perpetual motion defies physics.[caption id="attachment_11199" align="aligncenter" width="683"]

4-year-old, child holding a rock, toddler playing

Not quite an Atlas Stone but close enough[/caption]

Lift Heavy Things

Scan your yard, garage, and house for the heaviest things you can find. Rocks are preferred but it’s unlikely that there is an Atlas Stone in your house so next on the list would be a log. Once that is secured, lift it over your head. If it was easy do it again. If you can do it 10 times put that down and pick up something heavier and lift that over your head. Once the heavy lift is complete and the object is over your head shout, to anyone or no one, it doesn’t matter which;“look how strong I am!”

Run Everywhere you go

Did the mail just come? Run to the mailbox. Is there a bird in the yard? Run towards it. Mowing the grass? Run. Think of all the new-found time that will be at your disposal once you start running everywhere go. You can impress your cardiologist by running to the front door and jogging in place while you wait. Now a trip to the grocery store will take only 12 minutes when you are sprinting down the aisle for that box of steel cut oats. The time that you create for yourself can be filled in with more exercise. The key to this is yelling “whoosh” as you run, it will take your mind off the activity and let everyone know just how Bolt-like you are.


No matter how small it is, climb it

This will be the best overall workout as it uses the arms, shoulders, legs, back and will strengthen your grip. Start off small and see how it goes, don’t fly to Mexico and climb the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Climb over the back of the couch first and if that goes well climb onto the counter top But what’s ideal is a woodpile in the back yard. That provides the challenge of instability as well to keep the muscles guessing. A rolling log could send you to the bottom, but then you get to start over and conquer the pile. Once the pile is no longer a challenge, approach the largest tree in the yard and climb. Whatever peak you reach, take a moment to stand with hands on your hips and observe the accomplishment.[caption id="attachment_11200" align="aligncenter" width="683"]

child playing, 4-year-old, little boy kicking

Run, kick, play and run. Always run.[/caption]

Wrestle like an Ancient Greek

Try to find someone of similar height and weight to yourself and wrestle and/or tackle them in between the previous activities. This will prevent your muscles from tightening and your joints from swelling and your heart rate going down. Fair play dictates that you square up on them, eye to eye, before making your first move. But, if they happen to have their back to you just go a smidge easy on them, but take them down none the less. Once on the ground maneuver for position and roll around. This is good for overall fitness and cardio.

Rest and Recovery

Any trainer will tell that one of the essential parts of any training regimen is rest. The muscles need time to heal and grow. A 3-hour nap in the middle of the day is best, it will keep you from being grumpy. During the recovery period, take time to eat and fuel the body. A peanut butter sandwich and a banana will do in a pinch. Always, always, drink plenty of water too. If your favorite Spiderman cup isn’t available, make a change and go for the Paw Patrol cup, it’s all good as long as you are taking in water.


But Seriously

While this is tongue in cheek there is a serious message behind it. There is no need to spend a lot of money to exercise and have generally good health. A moderate diet, combined with normal work around the house is enough motion for the average person to burn calories and feel good. Mowing grass, raking leaves, chopping firewood, trimming branches, cleaning gutters are all things that most homeowners have to do anyway. Instead of paying someone else to do the work, do it yourself, get the exercise and save a few bucks in the process.Or, chase your kids around for an hour or two. Your call.

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