in the arena podcast episode 3|in the arena podcast episode 3
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In the Arena Podcast: Episode 3

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
September 7, 2015
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in the arena podcast episode 3

Jennifer Bulcock of theHealthy Lifestyle Motivator page.[/caption]Fitness Motivator and former Army Drill Sergeant John Burk is back with the In the Arena Podcast episode 3.In this episode, John is joined by Healthy Lifestyle Motivator Jennifer Bulcock. John and Jennifer are discussing a problem that is a national crisis, childhood obesity.Listen as John and Jennifer talk about some of the mistakes people make with their nutrition that lead to bad choices and an unhealthy lifestyle.For more information on Jennifer, you can head to her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter at @Jenbul13.We've got the episode here but you can also follow John Burk's podcasts on iTunes where you can download each episode so you are never out of a source of motivation to keep yourself fit and healthy.

In the Arena Podcast Episode 3

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