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Getting 18th Century on Your Ass

Veteran News
Veteran News
December 11, 2018
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Do you know what happens if you successfully piss off your entire nation? They say to hell with guns and they get 18th century on your ass by erecting a guillotine and putting the name of your political party at the tip top. Truth be told, it's probably all they could get their hands on since France is notoriously anti-gun rights."We don't have guns or bullets.""We need to go old school, time for a guillotine! Jeane-Pierre get my hammer!"The citizens of France have been protesting for a while now and the impact has been quite severe. The central bank of France stated that it only expected 0.2% growth instead of the 0.4% originally thought. Why? Most of the protests were initially due to a carbon tax, however, now in the fourth week, the French protestors from a wide range of backgrounds are just basically pissed off at the government.Hence the guillotine. A giant blade that quickly separates the head from the body, so quickly, in fact, that rumor has it the heads could remain conscious for up to ten seconds after the act.In fact, the last time that France had this much unrest and this much anger and resentment towards their government, it didn't end very well for the leaders of France. Then came this Napoleon guy...We digress. The point that we'd ultimately like to make is this. When an entire nation believes their government has gone too far, whether armed or not, they will find a way. As the old saying goes."Where there's a will, there's a way."And French citizens are making it known that there is indeed a way to solve the problems of not having firearms. Grab some rope, a few pieces of wood, find yourself a giant ass blade, put it all together with some nails and screws...what do you get? A way to get all 18th century on your 21st-century leader's ass.

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