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Good News, Everyone!

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 25, 2018
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Good news everyone! Yesterday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals basically said what every single one of us has been saying for a long time. The 2nd Amendment is our carry permit for firearms. This is especially surprising seeing as how the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals usually isn't a friend to the 2nd Amendment.This turning of the tide started in Hawaii by George Young who filed suit against Hawaii in 2012. As a law-abiding citizen, Hawaii had denied George a permit to carry a firearm openly outside of his home or business.The criteria by which Hawaii issues permits is...suspect at best. Meaning there isn't really any criteria, they just aren't issued.Many in Hawaii are against the ruling stating that they don't feel more guns make anyone safer. So more responsible people with guns is better than less responsible people with guns? That's an odd equation they've seemed to put together and we're not quite sure the math adds up.

Good news

Either way, it is almost guaranteed that the state will file an appeal, the appeal will go to the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court which is likely to heavily favor 2nd amendment rights. Either way, Hawaii goes at this situation, it seems to be a loss for the gun grabbers.We can debate the merits of openly carrying versus concealed carry all day. We have our own preference, but it isn't to say that each side has a few merits worth exploring. The big take away here is that a court that usually fights against the 2nd amendment surprised everyone and gave those of us who realize that we are solely responsible for our own safety a big win.The fight for our rights is not over, but this decision marked a tremendous shift in the judiciary in favor of gun rights. Keep the good news coming!

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