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Google Reveals Top-Secret Military Sites

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 15, 2019
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Gee thanks Google. Now all China has to do to target the missile defense systems is f***ing Google it. should be that easy...but what makes this story so ridiculous is that it's kinda true. Granted the story was first run by the South China Morning Post and despite it's...seemingly credible nature at can also maybe be biased at other times. Reports on their credibility sway back and forth, but the fact that Business Insider is reporting this as well gives some credibility to the notion that China just got an exclusive all-access pass to see exactly where Taiwan's missile defenses are located.That couldn't be used against the tiny island nation, could it? (sarcasm, heavy heavy sarcasm)Geez, Google, we know you think America is a shitty place, but do you have to go around exposing "allies" (the missiles are Patriot missiles from the United States in Taiwan soooo...) too? And it's not like there is a way to make this right, you're not going to doxx China's top secret weapons facilities and risk losing business with their government...are you? That'd be pretty awesome if you did, we'd really like to know exactly how to hit them too.We highly doubt it.We're just wondering why. Like...what did Taiwan do to you guys? Did a Taiwanese soldier bang the daughter of the CEO of Google or something? Did he not call her back? Did you eat some Taiwanese food and get really bad diarrhea? Did a dude with a Taiwanese flag on his car cut you off on your way to work this morning? We gotta know! Not that it makes any difference or anything, we'd just like to know.How are you going to allow a bunch of Commies front row seats to the inner workings of the defensive posture of Taiwan? What a bunch of assholes.With tensions ever on the rise in the South China Sea and China's stated desire to take Taiwan back either by diplomacy or force, this could be really bad. Hopefully, the people of Taiwan don't die because of Google's major f***up. Hopefully.

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