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Google's Hypocrisy

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 2, 2018
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Google. The internet search engine known the world over has a massive hypocrisy problem. There are several companies like Amazon Web Services, Oracle and Google (well until they dropped out), competing for a Department of Defense contract for certain cloud services. The project, named JEDI had the three tech giants and several others vying for the $10 billion dollar payout. However, Google decided to drop out of the competition for a few reasons.Why? That kind of money could fund the next big tech breakthrough. It could fund research and development for years, it is for all intents and purposes a game changer. However, Google doesn't want to be involved. Due to what was basically a mutiny by the employees during the Project Maven days, these employees refused on "ethical" grounds not to "build weapons of war" or do work for the U.S. military. This angry mob of "ethical" protestors stomped their feet like petulant children and got their way.However, there are no uprisings or mutinies or causes for "ethical" concern in regards to the search engine that will be delivered to China. Not a big deal right, just a search engine...except there are a few problems. This search engine was built, custom ordered by the Chinese government in order to keep tabs on their citizens. Make sure everyone obeys and toes that good ol Commie party line. Censor information they don't want their people to know about, because heaven forbid you disagree with your government.

Google Employees: WE DON'T WANT TO BUILD WEAPONS OF WAR!!China: What about spying on our citizens and censoring information, are you cool with that?Google Employees: Well, yeah totally dude!China: Awesome cool thanks, by the way, we totally won't use this to round up political dissidents and murder them like Communist countries usually do, we're totally different.

Luckily for Google, the fact that their cloud engineering wasn't up to the Department of Defense standard, them being a serious candidate for the $10 billion JEDI contract was almost a joke before they even entered the bidding war. It also gives them an easy excuse as to why they won't work with the Department of Defense, a shitty excuse, but an excuse nonetheless.

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