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Government Shutdown to End

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 25, 2019
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Well, it's over or so they say. The shutdown has ended... e really can't be too sure these days though with all the uncertainty flying around but this means one thing and one thing only. If you haven't already bought the military or government gear off of furloughed workers, you have till the end of the day to do it. They'll likely be packing up their wares and heading back to work before the day is done.If you find yourself thinking "Hey man I sure would have liked to get my hands on a tank." You're too late. Why? Well first off, all the tanks were sold on the first day, they're a hot commodity item and quite a few people wanted them for their daily commutes in St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. They didn't buy any ammo though, they just didn't want to get shot in the gun free zones where they weren't allowed to protect themselves. Good thing the signs don't say "Tank Free Zone".So you can probably still get your hands on some tank ammo and work out a tank-pool kind of deal where you provide the ammo, they provide the ride. It's like a carpool, but that bitch Becky who always cuts in the kid pick up line at your kid's school is going to think twice about it now that you're rolling in a tank...but we digress.The shutdown may be reinstated come February though if the President doesn't get what he wants, which is money for a wall. But hey, now you've got neighbors with a tank, so wall or no wall what do you care?If you didn't get a tank then you're slow and should act much faster. If you hurry you might be able to get an up-armored humvee or even an LAV. God knows the Marine Corps is always looking for a way to up their budget.In all honesty, we're glad those of you who've had to endure this hardship will be able to pay bills and put food back on the table. After all, we're all Americans, right?

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