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Grandma Shoots & Kills Burglar

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 2, 2017
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Good morning friendly readers. Keeping with American tradition, we're going to tell you a story this morning about why you shouldn't mess with grandma. Because grandma is packing heat. That's why!Sunday morning "grandma" as we'll call her since her name hasn't yet been released, was stirred from her slumber by a mysterious noise. Upon investigation, Grandma found that something wasn't quite right inside her humble home. The alarm company that monitored her home was wary as well. ADT contacted grandma and then the police, but that action alone was not enough to deter the "invader" as we'll refer to him as.Grandma called out to the "invader" but he advanced anyways. That's proved to be a fatal mistake for the 19-year-old. Grandma dropped that man like a bag of rocks walking up a hill. The caliber is unknown (we'd tell you if we knew so you could get all giddy or butthurt depending on your chosen caliber)

grandma is packing

There is some supposition that the intruder was under the influence of something (drugs or alcohol) and it is unfortunate that what may have been a mistake ended a young man's life. We live in a harsh reality of a world and some mistakes you make prove to be deadly. Always think before you act, always act with purpose. Also in southern states, it'd be a good idea to not enter houses you're not sure are yours.

grandma is packing

While the break-in surely made the neighbors uneasy, knowing that grandma is packing heat and proficient in her skills to end the threat must offer some sense of safety. Maybe her example will inspire others to exercise their right to bear arms and get some quality range time. In order to exercise the other rights, there ought to be some semblance of security within your own personhood. Unfortunately, someone died, that sucks, but it could have possibly prevented on his end. Remember folks if you violate someone's rights, be prepared to have your rights stripped away from you. Remember also, grandma is packing a gat. As of now, no charges have been filed.

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