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Growing Concern over the Migrant Caravan

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 29, 2018
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Among southern states, there is growing concern over the migrant caravan. These states are not filled with hateful, evil, racist people, but rather people who would appreciate a modicum amount of consideration when you have thousands of people bearing down on peoples homes. We stated on air earlier that if you had hundreds of people trying to come in your home, some of whom were peaceful some of whom were violent, you'd at least want more security than it takes to get into most amusement parks.America is a land of immigrants, a place built on multiple thriving cultures. We are also a nation of laws, and despite the desperate need for immigration reform, simply allowing people that you know nothing about into your "home" is obviously foolish.The growing concern stems from the idea that we should do just that though, that we should open the gates and let everyone in. We at American Grit ask what we feel to be a sensible question;"Is there not a middle ground where we can be both compassionate and cautious?"Can you not feed and clothe these people, give them some sort of shelter, make sure there are no nefarious individuals amongst them? If you're sincerely against that, then don't call the cops when we from AG show up at your house demanding to be let in and eat your food despite the fact that you don't know us and we sometimes look like we're homeless.Charity is great. Being compassionate is awesome, we love giving back, however doing so without exercising due diligence is basically begging to be taken advantage of. In a migrant caravan of thousands, statistically speaking, not every single one of them is a good person. We challenge you to gather a few thousand people, none of whom are assholes or con artists. We'll be willing to bet the mega millions jackpot that it can't be done.

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