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Grunt Style Joins Orange County Choppers T.P.S. Team

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 17, 2018
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Every once in a while people find themselves properly positioned to make a powerful impact. The two All-American names of Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers, these two companies have come together to do an incredibly good deed. We're auctioning off a bike to support the wonderful people at T.A.P.S and their noble mission!Grunt Style sponsored the bike to be built by the talented bike builders at Orange County Choppers. If you didn't catch the episode last night, you missed out. We couldn't be more excited about the collaboration between the two companies. Given the charity of choice, we could think of anyone more deserving to get the 100% of the proceeds from the auction of the bike.The auction started as soon as the bike was revealed on the show American Chopper.


For those of you who don't know what T.A.P.S is, it is the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. T.A.P.S, "The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) offers compassionate care to all those grieving the loss of a loved one who died while serving in our Armed Forces or as a result of his or her service. Since 1994, TAPS has provided comfort and hope 24/7 through a national peer support network and connection to grief resources, all at no cost to surviving families and loved ones." (from their website).


Those who have died in service to this nation have given the ultimate sacrifice. Grunt Style, Orange County Choppers, and T.A.P.S have teamed up to make sure these families don't have to sacrifice anymore. This is what we do in America, we start businesses, we build bikes and print shirts and at the end of the day, we do it all so that we have the resources and ability to ensure that the families of the fallen are never left to fend for themselves.If you'd like to donate to T.A.P.S to support their mission click here.If you want to check out the Bike Auction, click here!

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