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Grunt Style Responds to Illinois Income Tax Increase

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 21, 2017
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CHICAGO - With the first state budget passed in several years, Illinois legislators approved a 32% increase in the state income tax. The increase takes the personal income tax rate from 3.75% to 4.95%. Grunt Style Founder and CEO Daniel Alarik announced today that he will be approving a wage increase for their over 300 employees to lessen the impact of the state’s inability to properly manage their finances.Daniel Alarik, founder and CEO of Grunt Style, took these increases personally and vowed to provide an across the board increase in pay to all of his employees to reduce the impact of the tax increase.“We don’t want the failings of our leaders falling on the shoulders of our hard working employees,” Alarik stated.In a recent Facebook post, he urged Illinois business to “stand with us” and support their employees by providing pay increases to help the loss of pay due to this tax increase. He states that “it’s a tough call, but if you can make the numbers work, stand with us.”

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