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Hail to the King

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
August 8, 2019
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We, as a community, stand on the precipice of greatness or eternal anonymity. The generation that fought in World War 2, became known as the Greatest Generation. Many of them came home, started businesses, owned property and built this nation into a superpower, both economically and militarily. They did so at great risk, some of them investing their whole savings into projects and ideas that would propel us forward.Dr. Hans Mumm, the man behind the Iraqi Regime playing cards, created them for forward-deployed troops to readily have workable intelligence on who we were looking for during the Iraqi Campaign. He trained soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors to identify high-value targets, all without them knowing they were being trained via the playing cards system. It was a tremendous success.Now Marjorie K has created a new deck of playing cards with the help of Dr. Mumm. It's a deck that provides you with actionable intelligence on who is leading the way in the veteran community. We've chosen three organizations (aside from ourselves, Grunt Style, we're the King of Spades by the way) to highlight from that deck. Call it a sampling of excellence if you will.First up is Project K-9 Hero, many of you either read or saw our piece about Project K-9 Hero earlier this year when we let ol' Axel bite the ever-living crap out of my arm on Facebook live. Project K-9 Hero is unique in that it takes care of the K-9s who worked faithfully beside us and then were retired. Those dogs who've saved countless lives had no support system like their human counterparts before Jason (Military Police) and his team came along. Now they provide care and support for retired military and law enforcement working dogs, taking care of mans best friend. Read more about them and the loveable Axel here!Next up is Team Red White and Blue. So many of us leave the service and find ourselves longing for the community we once shared. Men and women who knew and understood our burdens because they were right there with us through them all. Team RWB addresses this nostalgia and longing for the community we miss through physical fitness and community service. Through taking care of ourselves and our community with other veterans, many veterans once again find joy and purpose in their lives. To check out more on Team RWB, check out their website here!Grypmat is our next highlight in the deck of fifty-two. No matter your job in the military, chances are at one point everyone was some sort of mechanic or repair specialist on some piece of equipment. Those times required tools, tools that usually sat on hot metal scuffing paint or down in the dirt. We lived like cavemen with our tools. Grypmat has come along to change that. With their flexible tool mats, you'll be ready to take on everything from a classic car, to the next generation of attack aircraft without damaging any of the paint or special components due to Grypmat. For a full selection of their products, check them out here!This generation right now...the GWOT generation of veterans, stands poised to do the same, but we could just as easily fail. The virtues of entrepreneurship and philanthropic endeavors have once again reached into the very roots of our military veterans, who have responded appropriately. Albeit, some failed and fell by the wayside, flashes in a pan, who were cut from the tribe as cancers. However, some...some thrived and became the new beacons and barometers for success. If you want to know who you should look to, there are phenomenal examples of leadership, the American entrepreneurial spirit, and philanthropic endeavors that are truly changing and saving lives in this set of playing cards.

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