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Happy Dead Hitler Day

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 30, 2019
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Happy dead Hitler day! Our only regret, our only regret on this day is that there isn't someone that we could give some sort of hero worship to for plugging Hitler full of holes. That sonofabitch did it to himself because he knew he was beaten. We wish someone would have done to Hitler what Francis Hamer did to Bonnie and Clyde. He knew that the Soviets were coming for him on the eastern front and the Americans and British were coming for him on the western front. The sonofabitch who was responsible for starting a conflict that directly and indirectly took the lives of an estimated 70-85 million people. F*** that dude in the strongest sense of the phrase.In that figure, the 6 million Jewish persons from Europe who died at the hand of the Nazis in concentration camps. There were gas chambers, crematoriums, sick and twisted medical experiments, starvation, forced was the ultimate representation of evil and antisemitism the world had seen. The echoes of World War 2 still affect our lives today, all of this because one piece of shit operated on pure unadulterated hatred.So, join us as we drink tonight. Join us in celebrating that this loser piece of shit was too cowardly to face the armies at his door despite his claim that the Third Reich would last for a thousand years. Happy dead Hitler day!Remember the concentration camps, remember the beaches at Normandy, remember all of the far-reaching and lasting effects of what that piece of shit did and say, never the f*** again. Because honestly, if there was ever someone in the world that needed killin' it was that gigantic bag of unwashed assholes.Remember that there were men and women from across the globe that united and put their differences aside for several years, a righteous crusade on behalf of all humanity to end the rule of a madman. Remember that in the face of evil, good men will stand and fight.Happy dead Hitler day! Because f*** that guy and everything he stood for. Forever and always.

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