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Happy V-E Day

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
May 8, 2019
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Happy V-E Day. If we're going to celebrate the death of Hitler as we did. And we're going to continue to celebrate the death of tyrants all over the globe whenever they take the long dirt nap. Then it only makes sense that when it comes to winning the wars, we ought to recognize and celebrate the warriors who ensured that the end of tyranny would come. So today, we celebrate V-E Day. Victory in Europe over the Nazis and their terrible regime.From Sicily to Normandy and throughout the Atlantic, Nazi Germany and her allies made life a living hell for millions of people. We hate to use that phrase as we feel the overuse of that phrase somewhat lessens it, but all one needs to do is watch the old film reels to see the abject and true horror that was wrought on Europe during the reign of the Third Reich. It truly was hell on Earth Yet ordinary men and women, warriors, doctors, nurses, truck drivers, pilots, tankers...all of them became extraordinary by simply standing and fighting back. They endured hardship after hardship and persisted. When things became difficult for the men and women of the allied forces, there was no quit, only iron will, and steadfast determination.They breached Fortress Europa, they constantly took ground and held ground even against insurmountable odds like the 101st Airborne faced during the Battle of Bastogne. They faced a dedicated, trained and sometimes better-equipped military. From service weapons to tanks to aircraft, taking down Nazi Germany and the Fascist Italian government under Mussolini must have at times seemed like an insurmountable task.But here we are, seventy-four years later looking back on the culmination of all of their hard work, all of their sacrifice. We raise a glass to all those who fought, all those who perished, all those that stood defiantly against a tyrant. We thank you and we honor you. Happy V-E Day.

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