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Hard to Sympathize with Iran

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Active Military
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October 11, 2019
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Every single act of terror should be condemned. Now. That being said, it's hard to sympathize with Iran as one of their oil tankers was hit by an explosive off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Isn't it just a little funny how karma comes around and does its job? Weird right?Iran, from all their talk, gave us the impression that they were nigh invincible. But unfortunately for them, their little boat got hit with a little boom boom and now they are big mad. Of course, who do they blame? Saudi Arabia and guess what...we're probably gonna blame Saudi Arabia too, but also there is someone else that could be to blame and it shouldn't even surprise you.Iran.Now the preliminary reports aren't really pointing the fingers at anyone, but we can in this topsy-turvy world assume without becoming an ass, that either Saudi Arabia did it and they are paying Iran back for their ships getting struck back in May OR Iran did it to make it look like the Saudis were escalating.Now, if we hadn't pledged our undying loyalty to the Saudis this would be know "Who fuckin cares?" news. But since we still want to be besties with a corrupt and murderous regime, this shit could affect deployments. Hooray! (that was sarcasm).Again, if we had it our way, Iran and Saudi Arabia would slug it out and we'd sit back peacefully minding our own damn business. But we're involved so, now it's kind of our problem. It's also a big joke.As we stated before, from Iran's propaganda, you'd think their ships and the people of Iran are invincible and damn near demi-gods, but as we can see from this ship being hit with explosives, they are not as high and mighty as their propaganda tried to make them seem. Which, obviously is something we all knew, but it's enjoyable to watch it unfold...well it would be if we weren't involved...Either way, it's hard to sympathize with Iran, after all, it's not like they've been given the opportunity to walk back some of their saber-rattling...oh wait.

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