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Hero: 10-Year-Old Fought Against the Taliban

Veteran News
Veteran News
February 4, 2016
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Hero 10-Year-Old Who Fought Taliban, Murdered

A 10-year-old Afghan boy who was declared a hero after fighting the Taliban has been shot dead by terror thugs while he walked to school.The deputy police chief of Uruzgan province, Rahimullah Khan, said the boy, Wasil Ahmad, was killed in Tirin Kot, the capital of the southern province.The boy had fought the Taliban alongside his uncle on many occasions, Khan said. Photographs on social media showed 10-year-old Wasil holding an automatic weapon and wearing a uniform and helmet.Unknown gunmen, referred to only as insurgents, killed the boy near his home.Read the full story from The Mirror


It's always terrible to hear about young children being cut down before they ever had a chance to really live, but what life this kid did have, he lived like a badass. He stood up against terrorists and did more at the age of 10 then most people will do in their entire life. For that, we raise our drinks to you. The world needs more people like this kid, and less of the scum who killed him.Let us know what you think about this in the comment section or on Facebook.[mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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