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Holy Killer Ninja Missile, Batman!

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 10, 2019
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Sometimes, it's like the dudes at DARPA or whatever, know that I exist and create shit just to make my job easier. Such is the case with the Ninja Missile. You f***in' read that right. I didn't stutter type...if that's even like, a thing that exists. Both the Daily Mail and the Express UK are reporting on this and we checked the headlines to see if we were being f***ed with...ladies and gentlemen, it if this is a real f***ing thing.The modified Hellfire Missile...f*** I can't believe this is real, deploys six blades that can cut through all sorts of material and kill the intended target. No explosives. Just a heavy ass inert warhead (can we even call it a warhead now) with six sharp ass blades. The Ninja Missile has been used in several instances already and they are just now leaking the details of the RX9 "Flying Ginsu"...I...I don't even know how to respond to this type of shit anymore.People bitch and moan about civilian they should, we don't want to kill farmers, we want to kill bad guys. So what does the United States do? We research a way to still kill bad guys with a Hellfire missile, just now it doesn't blow up, it slices you in half like Deadpool with his katanas. Welcome everyone to 2019, where the rules are made up and nobody seems to give a shit anymore.The Ninja Missile is reportedly responsible for the deaths of Abu Khayr al-Masri (Deputy Leader of Al-Qaeda) and Jamal al-Badawi (USS Cole bombing mastermind), so we've been using this shit for a while, we just haven't been telling everyone that we've got what is basically a sword missile. Gettin' medieval on these mofos, man.Holy killer Ninja Missile Batman, this shit is straight up fire!

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