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Hostage Taker Taken Down

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 14, 2019
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Being a hostage taker seems like a difficult job if Hollywood has taught me anything. With all the technology available, thermal cameras and a fully equipped S.W.A.T. team, or more than one police officer...it's hard to cover all of your angles and any potential vulnerabilities you have. A man in Logan Township, New Jersey found this out the hard way this afternoon after taking two women hostage at a UPS facility.First and foremost, we'd like to report that we're glad neither of the hostages had any serious injuries. That's the first part of the good news.The second part of the good news is that homeboy was definitely shot and stopped from harming anyone. Kudos to the police officers who made the shot and had great aim. With as many unknowns as exist right now surrounding this story, we think that as a general rule it's quite difficult to shoot a hostage taker. It's not like you see in the movies and the margin for error is extremely slim.Early reports state that the man had a prior existing relationship with one of the women. Guys. Do not be that guy, if she breaks up with you, if she does anything, just know, you're not going to be winning any kind of style points by initiating a hostage situation. It's not going to end well. This isn't a Denzel Washington movie where taking hostages gets you what you want. Don't do it. And for that matter, women, don't you go around trying to take hostages either!Good job to all of the police officers involved with ensuring the safety of the hostages and way to shoot as well. We know it's not easy to be put in that kind of situation and we're all very impressed with your marksmanship.

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