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Houston and Grunt Style Donations Response

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 29, 2017
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Responding to the disaster in Texas, Grunt Style CEO Daniel Alarik has stepped up to the plate – committing both supplies and search and recon resources to aid with relief efforts in Houston and the surrounding communities.“We started talking as a board at Grunt Style and our hearts went out to the Houston area and the people of Rockport. These people need help immediately and we wanted to do something about it as quickly as we could. We are going to have clothes to them by the end of the week.” Grunt Style is donating 9,000 T-shirts and 9,000 hoodies to Rockport, Texas. They are producing those shirts and hoodies this week and look to ship them down to Texas by Friday.In addition, they've launched a “Bigger Than The Storm” t-shirt and hoodie on their website. They will be donating $10 for each hoodie and t-shirt purchased.

Grunt Style has also dedicated funds to organize a team of veteran search and rescue professionals with rescue boats, jet skis, and several rented search helicopters – all of which will be on the ground in Houston within the next 48 hours. Dan is asking you to help by:

  • Sharing this information, asking your friends purchase a Texas t-shirt to support relief efforts
  • Pointing veterans and trained volunteers to help with coordinated Police and Fire rescue (Flood waters can kill, so we’re asking for precautions).
  • Support one another to help in whatever little ways you can – including helping out one another. We need to come together now, as Americans.

Here is the FBLive Release with CEO, Daniel Alarik.Read more news articles here.

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